Category: History

Spiritual life constitues an important chapter in the lives of local inhabitants. For centuries, Vyšná Pisaná had been affiliated to Greco Catholic parish of Nižná Pisaná. Local register with all births, deaths and weddings has been kept since 1752. However, only years 1860-1862, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1875-1892 and 1895 can be found in the archives in Prešov, since the remaining documents were destroyed during war years.


To obtain an intimate perspective about local life in 19th century, we can take a look at schematism from 1806. It says that out of 151 inhabitants, 108 were allowed to confession, while 43 were kids before their first communion. In 1805 there were in the village 23 marital households, there were 4 funerals during the year, no wedding and 9 newborn children were baptized.

Following the Prešov Congress in 1950, all village inhabitants converted to orthodox religion. After the Greco Catholic Church was restored in 1968, part of them returned to the former allegiance.

Greco-Catholic church of the Holiest Mother Decease was built in 1909. Before that, there had only been a wooden chapel at the cemetery ground. The church was damaged in the years of World War II and repaired after the war by local people. Major reconstruction and extension works took place in 1965.

As a church community, Vyšná Pisaná is currently affiliated to the orthodox parish in Kružľová.