Village symbols

Category: History

Village symbols of Vyšná Pisaná are recorded in the Heraldic Register of the Slovak Republic, under signature V – 172/2001 in the following order:

Village Coat of Arms

Erb obce Vyšná Pisaná

Silver shield with green, round, and on the left hand side grassy greensward with walking man looking towards the observer. He is wearing a green garment, black hat and boots. He is carrying a black haversack on his left shoulder and his right hand is holding a barrel of the gun rested on his right shoulder.



Village Flag

Vlajka obce Vyšná Pisaná

The flag consists of three longitudinal stripes in white (2/5), black (1/5) and green (2/5) colours respectively. Its side ratio is 2:3 and it ends with three tips, i.e., trims, reaching up to one third of its sheet.


Village Seal










The seal is round-shaped, with village symbol in the middle and round inscription: OBEC VYŠNÁ PISANÁ. Alternative seal has the inscription in Ruthenian language: СΕЛО ВЫШНЯ ПИСАНА